Why Should I Post My Loved One's Bail?

Why Should I Post My Loved One's Bail?

Why Should I Post My Loved One's Bail?It can be absolutely infuriating to find out that someone you care deeply about has gone and get themselves arrested for this or that. However, if you're on the receiving end of a phone call from the new defendant who is requesting your help, it is in their best interest that you do what you can to get them released on bail. Bail, a right afforded to all US citizens, acts as a form of insurance that ensures the defendant will show up to court after the full bail amount is paid. Once the case has concluded the payer will get their money back, minus any court fees. Unfortunately, bail is often in the tens of thousands of dollars, an amount many people don't have laying around. Luckily you can make a one time, non-refundable payment to post bail for your loved one by using a bail bond. Whichever method you use to post bail, it is simply important to do so, here's why.


When a person is locked up they are going to miss days at work or school, which in all likelihood is going to cause them to get fired or fail the class. When you post their bail they can make arrangements with their work or school, depending on how the trial goes.


Many people have things they need to take care of on a daily basis, such as paying bills, caring for family or pets, or simply mowing the lawn. When a person is locked up they run the risk of defaulting on loans or neglecting loved ones of their own.

Obtain Legal Help

A big reason to post bail for somebody that you care about is so that they can obtain the proper legal help. It is difficult to find the right lawyer when locked behind bars, and worse yet, the defendant may only be able to communicate with a public defender, who is not going to be able to give them the representation that they deserve.

Prepare for Life After the Trial

Finally, being released on bail allows the defendant to prepare for life after the trial, which may mean they are going to end up spending some, or even a significant amount of time in jail. This way the person can take care of all their bills, allow their family to prepare for this time, and so on and so forth.

It can be difficult to face the fact that someone you care about has been arrested, but it happens; people make mistakes. If somebody that you love has been arrested don't hesitate to contact a bail bond agency right away. If you need to post bail in Idaho Falls or the surrounding communities contact Michelle's American Eagle Bail Bonds. Our team is dedicated to posting bail bonds fast so you can reunite with your loved ones. To request a bail bond in Idaho Falls or throughout the state don't hesitate to call us at (208) 522-BOND (2663). We're available 24/7!

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